Saturday, October 24, 2015

Murder in the Paperback Parlor

Author:  Ellery Adams
Genre:  Cozy Mystery
Series:  2nd in the Book Retreat Mystery Series
Publisher:  Berkley Prime Crime
Rating:  4 1/2 out of 5 stars

Description:  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Jane Steward is organizing a week of activities for fans of love stories at her book-themed resort. But her Regency readers barely have time to brush up on their Jane Austen before tragedy strikes Storyton Hall. Rosamund York, one of the most celebrated authors in attendance, is killed.

Rosamund had as many enemies as she did admirers, including envious fellow novelists, a jealous former lover, and dozens of angry fans. It’s up to Jane, with the help of her book club, the Cover Girls, to catalogue the list of suspects and find a heartless killer quickly—before the murderer writes someone else of.

My Review

Murder in the Paperback Parlor is the second installment in the Book Retreat Mystery Series.  As with other readers of cozy mysteries, I have several authors whose book automatically go on my to be read pile because I am such a huge fan.  Ellery Adams is one of those authors for me.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every book that I have read by this author and Murder in the Paperback Parlor is no exception.  So far, I find this to be a delightful series. 

This installment has a strong story line with plenty of twists and turns before the villain is revealed.  The main character, Jane Steward, is being developed nicely and there is a cast of secondary characters, including her twin boys, her great aunt and uncle, her book group, the villagers and the Fins, that keep the reader engaged throughout the story.  In addition, Storyton Hall is a great setting for this series.  The way the author describes this old mansion and the secrets it holds, including hidden passageways and rooms filled with books makes me wish that I could find a place like this for a relaxing weekend retreat.  As an added bonus, there is a nice plot twist involving Jane's possible romance with her best friend's older brother that I think will play out nicely in future installments as a secondary story line to whatever murder mystery Ms. Adams has in store her readers.  I read this book in one rainy day, curled up on my couch with a nice pot of tea.  I am looking forward to the next installment in this series, which will automatically go on my to be read pile because Ellery Adams does not disappoint.

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