Saturday, November 7, 2015

Florist Grump

Author:  Kate Collins
Series:  Flower Shop Mystery
Genre:  Cozy Mystery
Publisher:  Berkley/NAL

Description:  Life in Bloom  Stopping to smell the roses should be a must for flower shop owner Abby Knight, but stress has turned her into a major grump. While their house is under construction, Abby and her new husband, Marco, are living with her parents, who are driving her nuts. Not to mention that everyone has babies on the brain, with her cousin Jillian’s bundle of joy popping up in every conversation, and Marco’s mother dropping hints that she expects a new sprout from Abby and her son—as soon as possible!

But things get even thornier after a flashy former banker pushes up daisies. With a beloved window washer the prime suspect in the murder, other New Chapel shop owners rally around Abby and Marco to prove his innocence. With Abby’s energy wilting, she has to be on high alert—or she and Marco may not live to see their new home.

My Review

Well, where to start? This is one of my absolute favorite series and whenever a new book comes out it is automatically on my buy and TBR list. That is because Kate Collins never disappoints. This is the 17th installment in the series and she keeps finding new mysteries for Abby and her now husband Marco to solve. This is a well written story that has a great pace. Kate Collins writes wonderful characters that have wit, warmth, humor, and are written with emotion. All of the characters in this series are authentic and likable. You would think that with this being the 17th book in the series that the characters would be fully developed, but in this story Kate Collins finds a way to show us another side of Abby. This time it is a look at the parent/child relationship and how it can be viewed differently by each party and as a result sometimes become strained. In addition, we also get to see Abby's mom, Mo, grow in her artistic endeavors in a way that is a bit unexpected, at least to me, but very appropriate. The reader is also treated to the back story of one of the secondary characters, Jingles, the window washer. The mystery was engaging and there were plenty of times when I changed my mind about who I thought the killer would turn out to be.

If you are not already a fan of Kate Collins and this series, I would encourage you to pick up one of her books because I can promise you that you will become a fan. I read it over the course of two evenings, and I have to admit went to work tired one morning because I read too far into the evening. If you are already a huge fan, like me, make sure you pick up a copy of this book because you will not be disappointed.

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