Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Scone to Die For

Author:  H.Y. Hanna
Series:  An Oxford Tearoom Mystery #1
Genre:  Cozy Mystery
Publisher:  Wishheart Press
Publication Date:  January 18, 2016

Description:  When an American tourist is murdered with a scone in Gemma Rose’s quaint Oxfordshire tearoom, she suddenly finds herself apron-deep in a mystery involving long-buried secrets from Oxford’s past.

Armed with her insider knowledge of the University and with the help of four nosy old ladies from the village (not to mention a cheeky little tabby cat named Muesli), Gemma sets out to solve the mystery—all while dealing with her matchmaking mother and the return of her old college love, Devlin O’Connor, now a dashing CID detective.

But with the body count rising and her business going bust, can Gemma find the killer before things turn to custard?

My Review

This is author is new to me although she has written many romance novels as well as the Big Honey Dog cozy mystery series.  What drew me to this book was the cute cover and the description.  In addition, I have not read many cozy mystery series set in England and this year, I am trying to broaden my horizons and read cozies that are set in themes that I haven't typically read.

I found this to be a wonderful start to a promising new series.  At heart, it is a story with a them around second chances.  It is well written and the author has a wonderful descriptive writing style writing in such a way that the reader can picture the quaint town and the delicious items offered on the menu at the tea room. These descriptions hook there reader from the start and will have you turning pages until the surprising conclusion.  The mystery is well done and provides plenty of suspects along with twists and turns along the way.  I did not guess the identity of the killer and when it was revealed, I was very much surprised by the identity of the killer. 

The characters in this story were fabulous.  I absolutely adored Gemma Rose, our main character.  She was smart, witty, feisty and independent.  She was likeable right from the start and well developed but with room for growth in future installments.  The secondary characters were also terrific.  There are the four older patron's of the tea room referred to as the "old biddies."  They are the town gossips and help provide Gemma with clues as she tries to solve the murder that took place outside the tea room.  Gemma's best friend Cassie is quirky and fun making her a great compliment to Gemma.  But, I think my absolute favorite secondary character is Gemma's mother.  Her antics had me chucking several places in the book, but most especially when she would forget her iPad password. 

In summary, this was a wonderfully written book with great characters and a strong mystery that will engage the reader and leave them coming back for book 2.  I know I will definitely be making a return visit to Gemma's tea room.

I received and ARC from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Oh thank you to doing this review. New author for me and this book sounfds delightful.🙌

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely, thoughtful review! I'm so happy that you enjoyed my book so much and felt drawn into the story, And I have to confess - Gemma's mother was probably my favourite to write as well - ha! ha!

    Thanks again for reading and reviewing my book.

    Best wishes,
    (H.Y. Hanna)