Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Churn for the Worse

Author:  Laura Bradford
Series:  An Amish Mystery # 5
Genre:  Cozy Mystery
Publisher:  Berkley

Description:  When an Amish farmer is found dead in his barn, his family accepts his death as God’s will. But Detective Jakob Fisher knows the farmer didn’t hit himself in the head with the shovel lying beside his body. And when it comes to light that a stranger appeared at the farmer’s home and now money is missing from their milk can, Fisher suspects robbery as the motive—especially when another Amish family is victimized.

Getting to the truth proves difficult, however, since Fisher has two strikes against him in the eyes of the Amish—his chosen career, and the Amish roots he left behind. Desperate to stop a murderous thief, Fisher turns to Heavenly Treasures shop owner Claire Weatherly for help. The trust she’s earned from the Amish community enables her to go where the detective cannot—straight into the path of a killer.

My Review

This is the fifth book in this series by Laura Bradford and it is one of my favorite cozy mystery series.  Any time I know there is a new installment in the series, it is an automatic buy for me.  This author does not disappoint when it comes to the characters, the mystery or her ability to craft a wonderful story that draws the reader into the charming world of Heavenly Pennsylvania and the world of the Amish.

I think that this is the best book in the series so far and that is saying a lot because I devour each new book in this series.  At the heart of these stories the reader will find rich, full, complex and heartwarming characters that are written in such a way that they jump off the page and instantly become real to the reader.  With each new story we watch these characters grow and become more dimensional.  Relationships, family and members of the community, grow and mature with each installment.  For me, that is an integral part of a good series.  I need to be able to relate to something within the characters, but I need them to have dimension and grow as the series progresses.  Laura Bradford hits the mark with her characters in Heavenly Pennsylvania.  Another thing that I really like about this series and author is that she has an authentic depiction of the Amish and their culture.  She clearly has done her research, and as someone who has spend time in Amish communities, I believe she had done justice to the culture and people with her characters.

From the very beginning the reader is drawn into a well plotted mystery.  Laura Bradford has a way of weaving a mystery full of plenty of clues, twists, turns and misdirection.  About half way through the story, I became a little disappointed because I was sure I had figured out the identity of the killer/thief (and if you read my reviews you know that almost never happens).  However, I should have known better.  As with all the other mysteries in this series, Ms. Bradford had done a classic job of weaving in clues and misdirection to give the reader a false sense of confidence.  I was completely surprised at the end of the book when the real identity of the killer/thief was revealed.

Every trip back to Heavenly is like being welcomed with opened arms for a visit with old friends and a chance to make new friends. I cannot wait for the next installment in this series.

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