Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Fright to the Death

Author:  Dawn Eastman
Series:  A Family Fortune Mystery #3
Genre:  Cozy Mystery
Publisher:  Berkley
Published:  April 2015

Description:  After their flight to Mexico is cancelled, Clyde and her detective boyfriend, Mac, end up snowed in with their families at a supposedly haunted hotel. Clyde’s tarot card reading mother, Rose, is making dire predictions for the weekend, and self-proclaimed pet psychic Aunt Vi is enchanted by the legend of the hotel’s ghost—until the power goes out and a body turns up.

With a hotel full of stranded suspects, Clyde will have to draw on all her skills—both the police ones she’d rather forget and the psychic ones she’d rather ignore—to solve the bone-chilling mystery before someone else gets iced…

My Review

I have to say that I am really enjoying digging into my to be read pile.  Not that the new series that I have been reading aren't good, but I have neglected some of the series and authors that I have really enjoyed in the past.  This is one of those series that I feel like I have neglected.  I originally started this series because it is set in my home state and has a paranormal theme (the family has psychic abilities) which I enjoy.  I really enjoyed this book and I'm glad I was able to begin catching up on the adventures of the Fortune Family.

To start, this series is full of fun, wonderful, quirky characters that are well developed and just all around enjoyable.  The Fortune family is unique and it is always enjoyable to see what type of mischief they can get themselves into.  The family provides plenty of moments of humor throughout the story.  Clyde's aunt Vi can be a little overbearing at times but it just fits with the story.  I like how Mac and Clyde's relationship is progressing.  He is not as resistant to her gift as he has been in the past.  Ms. Eastman has continued to develop and grow these characters especially Clyde's nephew Seth.  It is nice to see that he is coming into his own in the family.  Clyde's mom, aunt Vi and Mac's mom were all at the inn for a weekend of knitting classes.  The secondary cast of knitters and hotel staff round out the characters while providing plenty of suspects.

The mystery is a throwback to the classic "closed room" mysteries.  All of the suspects are stranded in the inn during a snowstorm so we know one of them is the killer, it is just up to Mac and Clyde (with a little help from the family) to find the killer.  Ms. Eastman has done a terrific job with the mystery in this story as she weaves in a murder along with thefts that tie in nicely together at the end.  While we know the culprit is one of the characters stranded at the inn, Ms. Eastman does a nice job of weaving in clues along with some twists and turns.  Just when you think you might know whodunit, Ms. Eastman directs your focus to another characters and creates uncertainty.

I think this is a terrific series full of fun, unique and quirky characters.  I have enjoyed the mysteries in each of the installments.  The paranormal element was a little lighter in this story than the other two installments but was still highly enjoyable.  If you haven't tried this series but are considering it, I would suggest you start with the first book so that you can see the characters grow and perhaps won't be as lost with the family dynamics.

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  1. I have to check this series out, I love paranormal cozies.