Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Sticky Situation

Author:  Jessie Crockett
Series:  A Sugar Grove Mystery #3
Genre:  Cozy Mystery
Publisher:  Berkley
Publication Date:  April 2015

Description:  Aunt Hazel isn’t exactly sweet, but she’s not the only one putting syrup maker Dani in a sour mood. Her family is trying to help renovate the town’s Opera House, but their contractor Russ Collins seems to specialize in finely crafted excuses. And his latest one is killer.
In the Opera House basement, Russ uncovers the remains of Spooner Duffy, a charming drifter thought to have skipped town decades ago with a hefty sum of the town’s money. Tapping into some unpleasant memories, Spooner’s bones also threaten to reveal a murderer’s secret, and now it’s up to Dani to catch a killer before the town is stuck with a deadly reputation. 

My Review

Lately, I have been reading a lot of first in a series by authors who are new to me or ARCs from Netgalley so I decided it was time to go to my massive to be read pile and start catching up on some of the past series I have enjoyed.  A Sticky Situation is the third book in the Sugar Grove Mystery series and I found it to be just as enjoyable as the other two.

What I enjoy about this series that is really is about family.  With each book we get a glimpse in to the lives of the entire Greene family.  They are a strong group of people with and equally strong sense of family that is hightened by the fact that they are committed to each other and their community.  I especially liked how this book opened, with Dani and Celedon escaping to town upon learning the news that their great aunt and her daughter were coming to town for the annual festival.  Who can't relate to that?  We all have at least one relative that we spend the family gatherings trying to avoid on occasion.    I really like Dani as a protagonist.  In addition to her strong sense of family and community, she is intelligent, spunky and has a good sense of humor.  We get to see more growth both in her personal life, in her romance with Graham and her sleuthing skills.

Once again, Dani is called upon to solve a mystery.   The mystery involves the discovery of the body of a drifter who caused issues in the town over twenty years ago when allegedly skipped town with money raised for the library.  What I enjoyed about this mystery is that is connected to the past of Tansy and her son Knowlton.  Tansy insists that Dani must solve the mystery or she won't assist with the upcomming festival.  So, after informing Lowell (her godfather and the town police chief) Dani sets out to try to uncover the mystery of the missing money.  I think the author did a wonderful job weaving the mystery in throughout the story stategically planting clues throughout along with a couple of red herrings.  Because of the drifter's past, there are plenty of suspects to choose from and they all have very realistic motives for committing the crime.  I did not figure out the culprit until the end it was revealed.

I have enjoyed all three of the books in this series.  They are all well written with a nice pace that keeps the story flowing.  The characters are endearing and I enjoy the committment to family in these books.  The msyteries are well thought out and keep the reader (or at least this reader) guessing until the end.

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  1. I just ordered the first book in this series, thanks for the recommendation.