Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Story to Kill

Author:  Lynn Cahoon
Series:  A Cat Latimer Mystery #1
Genre:  Cozy Mystery
Publisher:  Kensington
Publication Date:  August 30, 2016

Description:  Former English professor Cat Latimer is back in Colorado, hosting writers’ retreats in the big blue Victorian she’s inherited, much to her surprise, from none other than her carousing ex-husband! Now it’s an authors’ getaway—but Cat won’t let anyone get away with murder…
The bed-and-breakfast is open for business, and bestselling author Tom Cook is among its first guests. Cat doesn’t know why he came all the way from New York, but she’s glad to have him among the quirkier—and far less famous—attendees.

Cat’s high school sweetheart Seth, who’s fixing up the weathered home, brings on mixed emotions for Cat…some of them a little overpowering. But it’s her uncle, the local police chief, whom she’ll call for help when there’s a surprise ending for Tom Cook in his cozy guest room. Will a killer have the last word on the new life Cat has barely begun?

My Review

I know many of you are fans of Ms. Cahoon from her Tourist Trap Mystery series.  For me however, this was my first introduction to the author and I am definitely a fan.  This was a book that I read over the course of one day.  It is well written and grabbed my attention right from the start.  The author has a descriptive writing style that draws the reader into the story and keeps him/her turning pages until the end.  I cannot wait for the second installment in this series which is scheduled for release in 2017.  In the meantime, I will have to go back and bump this author's Tourist Trap Mystery series up toward the top of the TBR pile.

This book has wonderful characters.  I felt that the characters were well written and very dimensional.  They jumped out from the page and I instantly liked the main character.  Cat Latimer is a strong, independent woman.  Although she is returning to the home she shared with her now deceased ex-husband, she is determined to make a go of her new writers retreat venture with her best friend Shauna.  I liked Shauna as well.  She is a terrific friend in all the ways that count to Cat.  The writers attending the retreat and Cat's Uncle Pete round out the cast and prove to be very interesting in their own right.

I thought the mystery was well done.  The author provided the reader with many good suspects, a lot of clues, twists and turns and a couple of minor mysteries, one of which is connected to the murder of the famous writer attending the retreat.  I thought the author did a fantastic job of weaving all of the clues throughout the story along with some red herrings to throw the reader off the trail.  While the culprit is not a surprise, I thought Ms. Cahoon did a great job of tying up the loose ends as to motive for this suspect.  There was one minor mystery that was not tied up at the end of this book, but I wouldn't call it a cliffhanger.  I can see this mystery unfolding over the course of the next few books as it weavers it way into Cat's next adventures.

There is a bit of romance thrown in as well, as Cat reconnects with her high school boyfriend and the sparks are still there.  I don't think the romance in any way overpowered the mystery and was well written into the plot.  

I found this to be a highly enjoyable first book in a new series.  It was a well paced page turner filled with wonderful characters and a solid mystery.  I will definitely be making a return trip to Aspen Hills.

I was provided an ARC of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.  This did not influence my opinion as the thoughts expressed are my own.

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  1. I have read and loved all of the books by Lynn Cahoon and this one was no exception. Thanks for sharing your review.