Saturday, October 14, 2017

Murder on the Toy Town Express

Author:  Barbara Early
Series:  A Vintage Toyshop Mystery #2
Genre:  Cozy Mystery
Publisher:  Crooked Lane Books
Publication Date:  October 10, 2017

Description:  Liz McCall has come to love running her father’s vintage toyshop back home in East Aurora, NY, so when the Train and Toy Show comes to town, she’s all aboard for a fun toy-filled weekend. The only hitch is that her childhood bully Craig McFadden, now local business rival, has set up a booth next to hers. But the fun and games are over when Craig falls from the ceiling in a publicity stunt gone wrong.

What was initially thought to be a fatal accident proves much more sinister. Pulled into the case by her feelings for both Ken, the police chief, and Jack, her high school sweetheart whose brother is one the prime suspects, Liz dives headfirst into the investigation. But as she digs deeper, she’s shocked to learn her father may have been the intended target.

The trouble train is barreling down and Liz may have just bought herself a first class ticket in Murder on the Toy Town Express, Barbara Early’s delightful second installment in her Vintage Toyshop mysteries.

My Review

This is the second installment in this series, but the first book I have read.  I was a fan of this author's previous series written under the name Beverly Allen, so I when I was offered the opportunity to read and review an ARC of this book I didn't hesitate.

I very much enjoyed this book.  The setting of a vintage toy shop was unique and I found myself smiling with the nostalgia of the old toys and games mentioned in the book. Liz and her dad are fun characters and I liked that this was sort of a father/daughter crime solving duo.  Liz comes across the page as very real and authentic.  Her dad and his puns made me smile as well.  He was also a very well written character and the father/daughter bond felt very genuine.

The mystery, in my opinion, was well-plotted.   The author did a great job of presenting the reader with plenty of suspects, all with plausible motives, as well as throwing in great twists and turns.  There were some red herrings, which I have to say fooled me, and so I was concentrating on other characters who I thought might be the killer.  As a result, when the identity of the killer was revealed I was really surprised.  I would not have guess this one at all.  I love when an author is able to surprise me with someone who flew under the radar.  I will say, without giving anything away, that I think readers will probably be surprised at how this one ends.

All in all, I thought this was a charming story, filled with great characters, a well crafted mystery and plenty of nostalgia that had me revisiting some childhood memories.

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy provided to me by the publisher, Crooked Lane Books, through Netgalley.

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  1. I really liked this book too. Thanks for sharing your your review with us.