Saturday, December 23, 2017

Crust No One

Author:  Winnie Archer
Series:  A Bread Shop Mystery #2
Genre:  Cozy Mystery
Publisher:  Kensington
Publication Date:  December 26, 2017

Description:  For once, Ivy Culpepper feels fulfilled. An apprenticeship at Yeast of Eden has opened her world to time-honored baking techniques under owner Olaya Solis’s guidance—as well as the freshest small-town gossip, courtesy of chatty regulars known as the Blackbird Ladies. Ivy even begins accepting that she and restaurateur Miguel Baptista may never again rekindle their romance—despite the undeniable tension between them . . .
But she’s tied to Miguel again when his trusted produce supplier goes missing. Old Hank Riviera’s financial troubles would make anyone consider running away forever. And with his relationship woes, there are plenty of people who might want to see Hank disappear. As Ivy, with the help of her octogenarian sidekick, turns to the loose-lipped Blackbird Ladies for leads, she soon finds herself caught in a web of lies stickier than a batch of Olaya’s popular pastries.

My Review

This is the second book in the Bread Shop Mystery series and it was just as enjoyable as the first book.  The story was well written and just seemed to flow with a steady pace that kept me turning pages.  I am hopeful that this is one series I can count on to have a long run.

The characters are well crafted.  For being just the second book in the series, I found the characters to have a comfortable feel to them.  I felt like I already knew these characters will allowed be to be invested in the story and the outcome.  I think Ivy Culpepper is a very likable character.  She has spunk and smarts but is also warm and character.  I like the way her relationships with Mrs. Bradford and Olaya are developing.  Each one gives her something solid that helps to ground her as she continues to adjust to life without her mother.  The secondary cast of characters are equally well written an likable.  I think readers are going to enjoy them.

The mystery in this story was a bit of a change of pace.  It starts off as a missing person mystery for most of the book, until the body is eventually found.  The author did a terrific job of weaving the mystery throughout the entire story and dropping clues like bread crumbs along the way.  There are some twist and turns, which quite frankly I did not see coming and I think some readers will be as equally surprised as I was when the identity of the culprit is revealed.

I think this is a terrific culinary cozy mystery series that has such promise to be a long running series.  It has a great setting, likable characters that will connect with readers and the author does a wonderful job of crafting mysteries that keep the readers attention.  I will definitely be back for more.

I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy provided to me by the publisher, Kensington, through Netgalley.

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